UVpro TS

UVpro TS 40 immersion irradiators are ideal for the reliable disinfection of water tanks in air humidifiers, air washers and cooling towers in compliance with VDI 6022. By positioning the device directly in the reservoir or in the return tank of the air conditioning system, the process water is effectively disinfected, microorganisms flushed out of the air are effectively killed and the formation of biofilms in the tank and on exposed surfaces is prevented. The UVpro TS series complies with IP68 and is made completely of stainless steel.

Technical data
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TypeUVpro TS 40
Operating temperature [C°]:+2...+40
Suitable UVpro tube:UVpro K40-4
Input power [W]:41
Total UVC output [W253,7 nm]:16
Tube length from screw joint [mm]:814
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60Hz)
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  • for any kind of water storage tanks, return tanks, cooling towers, humidifiers, reservoirs etc.
  • simple installation directly in the tank
  • high quality, special cable, completely encapsulated electronics and IP68
  • available in different lengths / power ratings
  • available for coating plants without silicone components with test certificate of the Fraunhofer Institute
  • monitoring possible via CU-1 modules or UVC line
  • also available as 24V version



  • disinfects without residues and without chemicals
  • avoidance of biofilms
  • suitable for permanent immersion in water
  • positioning directly in the tank


System Accessories
UVpro Tauchstrahler zur UVC Entkeimung von Wasser
UVpro TS
Tauchstrahler für Luftbefeuchter
UVpro TS 40 Tauchstrahler sind ideal zur zuverlässigen Entkeimung von Wassertanks u.a. in Luftbefeuchtern, Luftwäschern und Kühltürmen.
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UVpro monitoring module - UVC disinfection for water, air and surfaces
UVpro UVC Line
Monitoring module for 8 channels
With the UVpro UVC Line you have a possibility to flexibly combine and use 8 UVC units with one module.
product details
UVpro UVC Orca Überwachungsmodul Funktionskontrolle Vorschaltgerät Entkeimung
UVpro CU-1
Monitoring module
UVpro CU-1 monitoring modules are the easiest and most inexpensive solution for the function control of your UVpro disinfection units.
product details
UVpro UVC Entkeimung Röhrentausch Schutzausrüstung Schutzbrille Orca
Protective clothing
Protective clothing
Your safety is top priority in everything that we do. The necessary protective gear for easy maintenance or replacing tubes is included as part of the...
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UVC measurement for work safety at the work space
UVpro Safe
UVC risk assessment at the workspace
The UVpro Safe is a measuring instrument for the determination of a potential UVC load at the workplace which measures the prevailing UVC irradiance.
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UVC Messgerät zur Ermittlung der Röhrenleistung von UVC Niederdruckröhren
UVpro Lampchecker
Messgerät zur Ermittlung der Röhrenleistung
Der UVpro Lampchecker ist ein Messgerät zur Validierung der Röhrenleistung von UVC Niederdruckröhren in der Anwendungsumgebung.
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