The UVpro WDS is used in laboratories, medical practices and production rooms as disinfection units with the possibility of ceiling or wall mounting. Due to the 360° swivelling reflector, different application positions can be selected.  Thus, for example, the room air in the area above the employees is sterilised during the day and work surfaces are specifically treated at night with the reflector turned around. The UVpro WDS can also be suspended from the ceiling and mounted in the middle of the room or laboratory. The unit is made of stainless steel and plastic and is available in three construction lengths for different applications or room sizes.

Technical data
product details


Short nameUVpro WDS
Type:WDS 40
Input power [W]:41
Suitable UVpro tube:UVpro K(T) or UVpro N(T)
Total UVC output [W253,7 nm]:17 W
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60Hz)
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  • effective against bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts and moulds
  • for cold storage rooms and warehouses, laboratories, for installation in machines
  • equipped with corrosion-free PTFE reflector
  • reflector for visual protection is rotatable by 360
  • with the UVpro thermo tubes also effective at low temperatures
  • tubes with PTFE splinter protection according to HACCP and IFS standard available
  • in three lengths available



  • disinfects without residues and chemicals
  • directed radiation due to rotatable reflector
  • for damp and wet cleaned rooms