UVpro MRD-180

UVpro MRD mobile room disinfection devices are ideal for reliable use in medical and sensitive areas and wherever hygiene is of the utmost importance. Treatment and waiting rooms, laboratories or patient rooms can be cleaned of germs flexibly and in the shortest time without use of chemicals. The disinfection performance can be easily checked using UVpro Dosimeters (colour change indicators).

Technical data
product details


TypeUVpro MRD-180
Input power [W]:    2 x 41
Suitable UVpro tube:2x UVpro NT40-4
Total UVC output [W253,7 nm]:32
Intensity [µW/cm²]:2 x 240 at 1m / 2 x 65 at 2m
Size (L x B x H) [mm]:1200 x 40 x 300 (extended 1800 x 40 x 300)
Supply voltage [VAC]:220...240 (50...60Hz)



  • effective against bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts and moulds
  • for hospitals, laboratories, medical practices, healthcare facilities etc.
  • for the disinfection of surfaces
  • UVC tubes with PTFE splinter protection according to HACCP and IFS standard
  • mobile disinfection stand on castors



  • disinfection without chemicals and residues
  • height adjustable and with rotatable aluminium reflector